Uno Jo Bridal Hair

Do I need a trial?

It is an optional service but highly recommended. The Hair trial is for you to have a sneak peek on seeing how the style that you once dreamed of shapes your body. It is also done for you to test whether or not you feel comfortable wearing it for the day. The main goal for this is so that there will be no surprises on the big wedding day

When to book the trial: Trials typically take place anywhere from 3-5 months prior to the wedding date. 

Before your trial: Lot of research is always helpful. Try to look up as much pictures you can and gather them. Also try a few hairstyles yourself to see what you feel most comfortable in it. Ask some questions like: Do I prefer side part or the middle? What kind of hair type do I have? Do I want my hair all down? Or an updo? Do I want clean look or messy braids? and put considerations on how the weather will look like on your wedding day as well. Humidity plays big role on the hair. If you are getting married on humid day in August, we need to find more ways to secure your style.

How should I have my hair ready?

Wash your hair night before or the morning of with minimal amounts of conditioner. It should be freshly washed hair with no products (or very minimum if you absolutely needed) and completely dried. If your hair is naturally curly, you may blow dry straight but not with the straightener. If your scalp is on the oilier side, you can wash your hair in the morning. If not, the night before is mostly fine.

Also, if you are using clip-in hair extensions, please make sure to give them a shampoo before your appointment and dry them completely. When you purchase your hair extensions, they come in with machine pressed straight hair and style on fresh hair extensions loosens up faster. 

Washing hair extensions is not hard. Start by soaking them into warm water (not hot), shampoo twice while using gentle squeezing motion instead of rubbing to prevent tangling, condition them and wash thoroughly. You can finish by air drying, blow drying and brushing.

Do I need hair extensions?

Most of the times I'd say, 'The more hair, the better'. You will have thicker, longer, and longer lasting hair with the help of hair extensions. Depending on the thickness and the length of your hair, you may or may not need it but it is always a great option to consider. Most of beauty supply carries extensions and please make sure you are purchasing 100% human hair. If not, hair will not take any hot tools and will melt away. Some tips to find good hair extensions are; make sure it comes with good amount of hair in each track. Some extensions come thinner than the other. Check the thickness! 

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